Weekly 3-Strike Survivor Contest Rules

How to Play?

  1. Submit at least 1 pick each contest day to avoid getting a STRIKE, submit picks here: Prediction Center
  2. Risk Units on your picks based on how confident your are in each pick!
  3. If you lose more Units than you gain in a contest day, you get a STRIKE
  4. Get 3 STRIKES and your picks no longer count in the contest (you can no longer gain or lose Units in the contest)
  5. Top 3 Contestants who survive the longest and have the highest Unit Total at the end of the contest win the Cash Prize Pool: 60% to 1st / 30% to 2nd / 10% to 3rd
  6. Contests start every Monday and end on Sundays

Why Go Pro?

  1. Go Pro to get auto-entry into all weekly survivor contests (that’s approx. $40 a month in entry costs)
  2. You and all Capping Teams you own get a Pro Stat Symbol displayed next to your username to showcase your skills
  3. For every 25 Pro Contenders, $25 is added to each Weekly Survivor Prize Pool in addition to the minimum $100 CapNet adds each week
  4. Going Pro supports CapNet and gets us closer to adding more sports and features!


  • How do I withdraw my winnings? Winnings are distributed to each contest winner’s CapNet balance once the contest has concluded. You can withdraw funds from your CapNet balance via PayPal or by check. It’s easy!
  • Can I change my picks and units risked? No, we do not allow changing picks or the amount of units risked once submitted. You CAN add notes to your picks and/or mark picks as Top Plays after submission.
  • What happens if there’s a TIE between winners? If multiple contestants are tied at the end of a contest, the Prize Pool is equally distributed to winning contestants.
  • Can I still win if I strike out? Yes, if you are still ranked in the Top 3 at the end of the contest after striking out, you win! Just note that any contestant who survives longer than you, regardless of Unit Total, will be placed higher than you. Check the rankings to see where you stand!
  • What causes STRIKES? 
    1. You get a STRIKE if you don’t make a pick in a contest day
    2. You get a STRIKE if you lose more Units than you gain in a contest day
    3. You do NOT get a STRIKE on days you make pick(s) and finish with positive Units or even units (0.00U)
    4. You do NOT receive a STRIKE if you make picks for a contest day and the game(s) get cancelled
    5. On the rare occasion there are no available games to predict for a contest day, all contestants will receive a STRIKE


  • By signing up on Capper Network and competing in the Weekly 3-Strike Survivor contest, you agree to Capper Network’s Terms of Use found here.
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